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The critical importance of timely, accurate and trusted longitudinal patient data cannot be overstated. The point is made painfully clear in the Heatl...

Want to know how important data veracity and data integrity are? Call StratusLink and save yourself a “$Billion.”

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HIMSS Calls HHS to Action? We’ve Heard this Song Before!

HIMSS’ recent call-to-action for “interoperability with a focus on secure data exchange and improved access to information,” is like listening to Nero fiddle while Rome burned!


Directed at the Health and Human Services (HHS) / Office of the National Coordinator (ONC)—HIMSS said the federal agency must “support [the] health IT community and standards development organizations in supporting new and non-traditional data types such as social determinants, public registries, genomics, quality reporting and environmental science.”


Same old song.

While the verse might be new, there is nothing new or different about the song.  This is the same old tune that’s been rolled out every year or two, to let everyone “down here” know that someone “up there” is really thinking about making interoperability happen!


Well, healthcare can’t wait for industry standards to evolve, or for government agencies to finally realize the gravity of this issue and finally mandate interoperability. After billions of dollars spent on electronic health record (EHR) technology (which could have included interoperability and Post-Acute Care incentives by the way)—they are not much further along than they were before.


How does complete data access and control, sound?

If a one-size-fits-all unifying interoperability architecture can miraculously be designed and delivered, fabulous—bring it on! Unfortunately, federal wheels turn slowly. And that kind of solution, even if it is possible, won’t happen quickly. Healthcare providers need complete data access and control right now to make the “truly informed decisions” that can mean the difference between life and death for their patients as well as for their organizations.


Interoperability Reimagined and Ready Right Now

Stratus Interoperable™ has reimagined interoperability based on market needs, not vendor needs. Our StratusLink™ data management and business intelligence platform delivers the data access, analysis and exchange capabilities the market needs right now to compete in the value-based economy.


Unlike existing health information technologies—StratusLink makes all your data centrally accessible, analyzable and universally distributable regardless of its source or format—enabling you to drive meaningful clinical and operational change throughout your organization, strengthen your partner network and expand your referral base across the continuum of care.


And—our platform-as-a-service model (PaaS) is both affordable, scalable and secure for healthcare organizations of any size.


Now that’s a completely different tune!

StratusLink. Control Your Data. Control Your Future.






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