StratusLink Delivers What EMRs/EHRs Don’t…

Complete Data Access and Control in One Scalable SaaS Platform.

StratusLink unifies all your clinical, financial and operations data into a single longitudinal patient record that can be queried, analyzed and shared from your own secure, centrally accessible, data repository. And—you’ll be up and running in 120 Days. 

Interoperability Reimagined

StratusLink is a revolutionary Healthcare Data Management and Analytics Platform that reimagines interoperability so healthcare organizations can fully utilize all their data today.


Using leading edge technology, StratusLink works in concert with all your IT systems to aggregate, integrate, normalize and refactor clinical, financial or operations data so you can use it strategically to improve care, reduce cost, increase performance and share information across the continuum of care.

StratusLink Lets You Respond Quickly and Strategically to Industry Drivers

  • The transition from volume to value

  • Declining revenues and reimbursements

  • Federally mandated pay-for-performance models

  • Evolving structured quality measures

  • Payment denials and audits

  • Higher quality and lower cost demands from consumers, partners and payers

  • Market consolidation

Get Connected

StratusLink ensures that all your data works together, all your data is accurate and secure, everyone is connected—and everyone has the information they need to make better, faster more accurate clinical, financial and
operational decisions.


StratusLink At-a-Glance

Unlock All Your Data

StratusLink’s patent pending process begins with vendor-neutrality delivering access and complete control of all your data, regardless of its source or format.

Get Connected—Everywhere

StratusLink’s affordable, scalable framework is universally interoperable and enables you to get the right information to the right place at the right time, to any authorized user across your organization or across the continuum of care.

Operate from a Single Source of Truth

StratusLink ensures data quality and reduces data errors by fully integrating all relevant clinical, financial and operational data into centrally accessible, electronic, 360° longitudinal patient records. One patient. One record. One place.

Totally Scalable Service

Buy only what you need. The StratusLink Platform is scalable in both directions and enables healthcare organizations to immediately access, visualize, analyze and securely exchange fully integrated data regardless of source, format or current technology deployed.

Improve Your Performance in Real-time

StratusLink search-driven Analytics and Business Intelligence tools provide metrics-based decision support accessible from desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones. StratusLink supports a growing library of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) including KPIs for CMS Quality Measures and enables users to build KPIs on-the-fly.

Use Your Existing IT Systems

StratusLink is a fully supported cloud-based service that works to enhance and support your existing EMRs/EHRs and business applications so there’s no capital expense.

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