StratusLink Intelligence provides Google®-like, search-driven analytics that support imbedded domain specific KPIs, KPI development on-the-fly, plain English data queries, dashboards, portal, and reporting functions that support information delivery across the enterprise and beyond. StratusLink intelligence requires little or no training and is designed for authorized administrators, clinicians, staff, and analysts across the organization. These components enable StratusLink customers to have a better view of the patient care lifecycle, have real-time visibility into clinical and business operations and to make better informed decisions that continually improve organizational performance.

Analytics: Provides data-driven, evidence-based decision support with easy-to-use guided ad hoc analytics. End users with little or no training can examine data across many dimensions—by patient, service, department, provider, payer, and more. This provides end users with the ability to identify best practices, enable smarter service planning, find process improvements and develop ways to increase revenue.

Operational reporting: Extends information to the point-of-care providing self- service operational reporting for clinical staff and administrators. By extending reporting capabilities to everyone who impacts operations, individuals make better-informed decisions, resulting in higher productivity, cost-efficiency and process improvement.

Enterprise search: Provides users with a Google-like interface that can search across structured and unstructured data for clinical research. Once records have been identified, the user may leverage intuitive tools to further analyze the results of the search to uncover relationships between symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, outcomes, or various demographic groups that they never knew existed.

Plain English, Google®-like Search: Enables anyone involved in managing or measuring performance to quickly and easily query, visualize, analyze and share information via dashboards, presentations or reports with little more technical skills than required to search the internet.

Clinical performance management: Enables executives and administrators to quickly identify underperforming areas, spot trends, and justify changes in budget, staffing levels, and resource utilization through dashboards, scorecards, and performance metrics


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