StratusLink Integrity: provides more than just a registry for longitudinal patient records. It provides Master Patient Index, Master Data Repository and Audit-trail capabilities that support multiple hierarchies, multiple domains and multiple unique identifiers that maintain cross-domain links to the operational sources of patient, provider, location, employee information—in an integrated delivery network. StratusLink is completely extensible to master other unique identifiers (UID).

Data Integrity

Data Quality: The solution provides cleansing and standardization as well as matching, de-duplication, and merging functions which preserves the integrity of patient and related data. These functions utilize pre-defined business rules and localized dictionaries, enabling organizations to track data quality issues from start to finish, ensuring that corrections, related workflows, and approvals are handled in an effective fashion.

Master Data Management: The solution provides a MPI/MDM solution that integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure leveraging integration adapters. Designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, this solution consolidates millions of records according to configurable business rules. Processes can directly leverage predefined MDM services ranging from simple patient management to searches, including patient unification with additional entities.


Data Governance: Data governance allows companies to catch errors as transactions occur, before they have a chance to infiltrate the various systems on which they rely. Data is managed at every stage, and in every system, as it is collected, or accessed by users.

Single Source of Truth records provide a comprehensive healthcare extensible data model that unifies clinical, financial, compliance, workforce, and research development (R & D) data domains including: historical data. The Repository is an aggregation of data sources that preserves a single version of the truth (SVT) to support analytical reporting and downstream applications. It provides data marts with report-friendly three-tier hierarchy—summary, highly summarized, and KPIs.


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