Data Integration

StratusLink Integration collects and unifies clinical, financial and operations data regardless of source or format. StratusLink interoperates with proprietary technologies as well as industry standards, supports database and application adapters, and lays the foundation for a real-time enterprise. Sources include Patient Registration, EMRs/EHRs, Scheduling, Lab reports, Clinical Systems, Financial Systems, and other enterprise operational systems.


Integration Adapters: Integration components facilitate the creation of a centralized repository/directory of patient and provider information by rapidly collecting data from virtually any source, on any platform—with no custom coding required. Data can be gathered in a wide range of standardized formats, such as HL7, HIPAA, CDA, ICD10, or LOINC code sets. Change data capture agents support various RDBMS log replication.

Real-time and Messaging: The solution includes an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that supports multiple integration patterns including parallel processing and data federation, complex event processing and enables the creation, composition, and management of web services and services invoked through alternate interfaces (legacy). It provides secure multi-channel message integration as well as secure file transfers, and web services with HL7, HIPAA, EDI, and other message formats. Dynamic business activity monitoring provides end-to-end tracking of transactions and workflows across applications and business units, as well as the display and assessment of metrics.

Data Load and Transformation: The solution provides integrated, advanced extract, transform, and load (ETL) capabilities, including dynamic capture of events and changed data. Event based and scheduled extracts can be automatically enriched and fed to any enterprise target. This provides low- and medium-latency events, as well as transactions and batch oriented integration.

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